Monday, May 4, 2009


I am teek-taak so-so prima facie, i am an introvert person..but as i get along wid people,i am boisterous human..I like to help those people who are
less fortunate than me,i will try my best 2 help them,but i also don't want to do mouth my college friend name "Jeeva" used to help others during our
college years(2005-2008) at S.I.E.S College.I am emotional person but quite often shows very hard-hearted..On first glance people think that i have loads of
Arrogance.....and ((((( ATTITUDE ))))))
I am mysterious,inscrutable person,even i don't know myself very properly...Strange!!! Some People think that i am very promethean which i am not,only in front of my

I feel that i have Good sense of humour..I can sometimes able to make people happy by cracking stupid,vulgar,PJ jokes..just to see there 32 teeths
flashing at desire is to always make people happy by cracking funny jokes.I always want my friends to be together,there to help one another in happy and
sad moments of life..
Though i am an Atheist but i do believe in mankind..I believe that instead of going to holy places and donating money in that Collection Box,if you are able to help
the needy people who don't even get a one time food to eat ,atleast help them, they can give you blessings from their heart.Donating Litres Of Milk at the Occassion
Of "Naag-Pachmi" only on that Stone,which actually goes to the Sewage or Gutters is totally waste...Instead if you give half of it to needy people how happy they will
be...GOD himself wants people to help one another...but as we see a beggar coming towards us we move side ways..and the next day we go to " Holy Places " and
pray for ourselves...Do we think GOD will help us...Don't be materialistic by doing Aarti,Fast(Uppas),Prayers that we do to praise that one Carved Stone...These
stones which people say GOD cant give you anything...just for satisfaction people go to holy places that GOD will help him/her.
we should just do our work by making ourself happy,family and surrounding.
I don't like those people who flaunt about themselves.What i feel is that though i have knowledge about certain things i should not be very proud about that thing
because at the same time there will be another person in some part of the world who would be having double the knowledge than me.Contradictory to this,Unless you
don't show your Knowledge or Talent,how would the opposite person be able to understand thing you have in your mind.
I don't know whether flaunting about yourself is a kind of "Marketing Strategy" so that people would be attracted towards that person just by listening to that person
once....and that to in this Century(Kalyug)or Plastic world. As i have seen people achieving not only good but also great responses by this kind of work...for example the Brand name "S.R.K"...I really adore
the way he promotes his films and has done great job in it .He has also jumped into Cricket by part-ownering "KOLKATA-KNIGHT RIDERS".Which has really
helped him achieved a lot ...for me he is multi-tasker. And i also want to fire one more example where a person from the same fraternity i.e Bollywood is trying to catch up by the same way as Shah Rukh
Khan,and rather pretty unusual way by "Cutting hairs" for promoting his films.There must be some reason where he(Perfectionist) must have seen that Marketing can
boost our projects a lot.The person who was very modest and perfectionist in earlier years was not much into marketing himself.just used to do his work that was
enough for him, never use to accept awards.not accepting the awards remains the same with him, but i have seen a subtle changes in him.
I am not trying to earn brownie points for Shah Rukh Khan, but u can also observe the things. After these 2 examples i wanted to know whether to flaunt or rather "Market urself" or to be modest to survive in this Kalyug,where every now and
then there is competition popping up..don't know where the answers lie....But it also depends on how you perceive things in life, your strategies,Shortcuts which are
beneficial to you and the others..
One thing that i would like to change in me is to " STOP BITING MY NAILS " ...just bcoz of this people think that i am very nervous kind of fellow,always takes
Right now i don't have any issues to discuss on my blog but when i will have one,i'll surely scribble...
thanks a ton for reading this..


  1. nice, reverse psycho!!! lol
    happy blogging

  2. wow..kuni...didnt kno u r such a good writer....nice piece...:)
    keep blogging!!

  3. gud 1 yaar!! kuni ,u hv written really nice!

  4. Nicely done ... Likes of SRK n Aamir were described beautifully. Good goin buddy ...