Sunday, May 24, 2009

Killer instincts !!!

“A person without passion is a person without Life !! ”for me passion is like having killer instincts ,whatever I am now is just because of killer instincts in me..I know many of my friends won’t agree to this..

Because as convention, killer instincts give rise to hatred,jealously, in my case the scene is different ,how I perceive killer instincts or my definition for killer instincts is like ,if a person has achieved something like good marks in exams, he is a multi-tasker, having sportsmanship attitude,is a team player,an entertainer blah blah….if that person can do, why I can’t ,afterall he also has 2 eyes,1 nose,2 ears and 1 BRAIN…..and we are all from the same family called “HUMAN”.Now readers must be thinking of my “jealously” kind of attitude in this kind of judgement…

But for me jealously is not for the person but for the work,I am not jealous about that person,he has achieved this by doing hardwork,dedication etc.A person without eagerness for work,sports,studies or be it anything is a dull person according to me.For me enthusiasm or eagerness is like having killer instincts.If I know I am correct on it,I will go for it,no matter what others say(jealously or anything)

My real-life example is as follows:
During my 12th , I had one friend in Brilliance classes,Arun, he was from Ruia college.he still is my friend and right now he is doing is engineering from VJTI college…haan….so,during our classes test he used score more marks than me,I never got jealous at Arun ,but I was upset with myself that,if he can score well,why can’t I, afterall he and I go to same classes,sit for the same lecture,same professor teaches us ,professors doesn’t teach anything extra in Arun’s ears…he is not getting any special coaching from anyone,but he is striving hard for that subject, that’s why he is getting good marks…so what if I will also work hard I will also score..storing this in mind I also started burning my ass for the board exams…then at the end Arun and I got same marks in Physics paper..though percentage wise he was way ahead of me….then I thought what if I had equally concentrated in all the subjects… never know I would have even scored more than him…for me this kind of approach, keeps me alive …to fight …for me killer instincts also have positive outcome..and my definition for JEALOUSLY is..(as said by some one)

“I keep my friends closer,but my enemy more closer”


  1. yeh hui na baat!!! confessions time haan
    but i disagree wid u at one point,i feel biggest competitor of a person is the person him/herself.....raising ur bar above the previous is most challenging and requires more amount of dedication,spirit n hardwork plus focus.....

  2. Yes you can win over me...on this point...but I don't know whether, I will be able to change myself in 21st year of my Life....hehehe... :-)

  3. I dont want to win over u :p
    I just stated my point of view.....
    I also dont want to change you bcoz then how would we disagree!!!! lol

  4. Ya exactly.. "Two swords cannot remain in one holder"

  5. For me .. passion and killer instincts are two different things. Passion is what comes from within and killer instinct is what which comes from a competition with others ..

    And i completely agree 2 sneha, itz really difficult to achieve absolute success than the relative success. Sometimes it may happen that the other person fare badly, thn we think that we have overdone him .. So we should strive hard to better our performance at each step ...