Saturday, May 16, 2009

Embed Faith in your Body !!!

As read or heard so many times," Faith is what keeps Man or Woman alive " and from my personal opinion, I will give it a 10/10 ..

According to me, Faith is a "mental sedative" that keeps an individual alive. You can have faith in yourself, family, friends, colleagues etc. And one day faith in your family, friends, colleagues even GOD can be lost.[ I am not telling that, this is bound to happen ,but it can happen due to some circumstances ].When there is no one to trust or have faith ,at that time please don’t “loose” faith in yourself…You can loose respect in the eyes of many peoples, but if an individual looses respect for himself or herself, then you are destroyed forever…Self-respect ,faith in oneself are the things, with which an individual can live his/her life to fullest…

while scribbling this, my mind retraced one story, which my fufaji once had narrated to me,when he was with me,now he would be there somewhere in space,universe or as a star seeing me,how I am learning and getting lessons from my Life…Ok..not getting deeper…

So here it goes …
Everyone must have heard of a story of Man, his small son and a donkey.Early morning man decided travel from one village to another for some work. while travelling all three were walking one after the another in a straight line, seeing this a group of people laughed and said see this stupid man, he is making his small son walk, when he has a donkey.After hearing this he made his son sit on the donkey.

After one mile another group of village people saw them and said, see the son is sitting on the donkey and poor father is walking, that man on hearing this said ,this is also correct, then he also sat on the donkey…At noon on their way,another set of people saw them and said ,see the man and his son sitting on that poor donkey,who is getting crushed by their weights ..

so they finally decided to get down and man took one long bamboo and tied donkey by his legs upside.and they were on their way to cross a bridge,there was a river beneath the bridge,on hearing the water streams sound, donkey got scared and was moving and shaking here and there, accidently bamboo got slipped from that man and his son’s hand and poor donkey fell in the river…SPLASH !!!!

This small story is just to say that,whatever work you do, have faith in yourself ,no matter what other people say….

“People have Birth-right to oppose you, go against you” ..Hearing and getting swayed by others leads to nowhere,but your own loss.Like in the story how donkey fell.. that man heard and went according to what people said ,and finally only his loss!!!

There are many examples which can show us ,that faith in oneself can give you anything that you desire..Great Mahatma Gandhiji had faith in himself ,when other freedom fighters were against him,and you also know who made India independent…because he had faith in “himself”…and there is also one movie’s dialogue, which I liked and in context to this ,its from “Luck by Chance” here it goes…

Apne raaste par chalte raho,chalte raho,
dhire-dhire saari duniya tumhare raaste par aa jayegi...


  1. And in his 2nd life, the cat reveals the wisdom he accumulated from his 1st...........
    Good going Kunal!

    Waiting for more.

  2. kuni,this post doesnt match ur standard
    it was gud definetly,but not according to the standard u maintained till now,
    please dont mind,i knw m being blunt,i dunt write welln thus cant say anythng to u,but m nt soo happy reading this ,depth is missin...

  3. heyy....sneha thank you re :-) are been really honest and practical with whatever i scribble...but i didn't wanted to go very deeply into this is very simple and clear topic that,If you have faith embed in your body...forget about the world..and trust your very own instincts.....thank you once again..appreciated... :-) :-)

  4. I strongly believe this aspect of lyf. Agar shayaad mai aisa nahi karta .. toh aaj MCA nahi kar pata. U knw hw narrowly i hv passed in TY.

    Everyone was against me, all were opposing me .. Sab keh rahe the .. "Shu .. thoda padh le !" Par maine kisi ki nahi suni. Jo dil ne kaha wahi kiya .. Studied only few hours prior to exam .. n dekh aaj mai MCA kar raha hoo ... lol .. :D

    Jokes apart .. but i really luved this thot. N i knew this ideology of urs ..

  5. i understand kuni,but such topics require depth that signify ur faith...but anyways plz dunt misunderstand me.....

  6. aree...why would i misunderstand you sneha..if a person corrects me,i appreciate that person a lot... :-)

  7. sala yaha ek-dusre ko appreciate karo ...
    koi mere joke ko appreciate mat karo ... :(

  8. like ur blogs a lot dude...n i second sv...big surprise haan!!

  9. aree...shashank aisa mat bol re...i am waiting for ur next missile... jaldi apna exam khatam kar aur likh...waiting....mujhe pata hai tu abhi race mein uthara nahi hai..jab utherega tab sab ko pata chalega...mujhe pata hai dude tujhe last ball mein Six marne ki aadat hai..

  10. thank you mallika :-)...bas aap sab dost mere saath ho toh mujhe kiski kami nahi....:-)
    "Heil SIES"....hehehe