Wednesday, May 13, 2009

" First impression "

My mind was boggling with this question,just after I passed through a small setback,and thought I should scribble about this thing.Coming to the question, why do
people judge anyone just by their first impression.Is there no other way of judging an individual just by first impression...

as said by someone ,"First Impression is the Last Impression ".I don't know that who has quoted this ...but I just wanted to ask that person " if " I will get a chance..
whether that person in his whole life has done or achieved great heights by just his first impression towards people or organisation....has he never failed on his first
impression..Come on everyone is not perfect at their first impression...
This is my personal point-Infact what I think is that, the people who shows his first impression very nicely is himself /herself a FAKE.....(Because they all know that ,this is the time they have to be confident )

(Impression---> you can link it with anything like
first impression during Job Interview,
first impression during Presentation at Office/Seminar,
first impression during Meeting new people,
first impression during Dating with girl or boy,
for the first time cooking Food for any special person ,
for the first time Project work shown to the Moderator or Professor..
and you name it !!! )

I am not fuming for I have been through.But I, myself has judged many people in my life when I met them.But later regretted that I was so wrong in judging them in
just first impression ..and one of them was my College friend whose name is Aditya, whom I first thought that, he had lots of attitude and what not....But I was totally
wrong,there so called "first impression" went absurd for me and now he is one of the best friend I will ever have !!!

Can't a second impression shown by that person will show a hell lot of change as compared to the first impression..

But as we all follow the same old convention that
" Competition ka zaamana hai ji, First Impression is the Last impression "
what to do??


  1. m readin many blogs this days and my own version of bloggin is postin comments in each post..hehe
    neways..wat me thinks ppl mean by first impression is wat u intutively feel wen u see a person..not physical etc but wat our sub-conscious mind reacts like..though most ppl dont take it like tat anymore and rely on physical/groomed appearances....

  2. depends upon each individual, how they perceive thing at first to whether it may be plastic or true mirror.....

  3. to cut a long story short first impression is not last impression........ :p