Tuesday, August 14, 2012

World is a full circle…What you do comes back to you !!!

After such a long gap, again my mind wanted to scribble something that is very obvious happening around with people in their lives, the only difference is, they don’t care or don’t have time to sit back and just rewind the things that had happened. Do good to others, good things will happen with you for surely, not necessary at that time, but will happen. There is some mystery in balancing out the things which takes time. And as a law of nature, which we had read and heard so many times-


But don’t do just for the sake of doing it, it should directly come from within. Consider yourself fortunate than others, the place where you are sitting/ standing, eating  & sleeping  etc etc ,which might not be possible or utterly impossible for the less fortunate ones out there in this world.

The world is not that BAD as we claim it in this 21st century. Nice people still exist, its just that we should do our bit for making not just “World full of people” but  “ SMILING WORLD  FULL OF PEOPLE”.   

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