Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am against " Just be yourself "quote.. ....

We all get messages by our friends,loved one....that

"Just be yourself. !!!!"
"Don't change yourself ".....

but I dont agree with this quote,People should not carry same attitude which he/she has ...

Situational theory...which says a person should know how to adapt to the situation and that always benefits.Person with the same attitude can survive for long "Charles Darwin"..who had quoted -"Survival

of the fittest"...and I can give you an example if I am not wrong .......correct me if i am wrong....COCKROACHES were ...on this earth earlier than our very own stereotyped spieces
" DINOSAURS"....Dinosaurs didnt adapted themselves to new situations so they are extinct...not even "one" roaming around in mumbai streets ...following Mumbai's traffic signals.... :-)but we have these

cockroaches in our home....strange!!!!...

You can also correlate it with life.....
During school days....If you don't share your crayons with your bench-partner,he/she will not give you his/her bread and jam at recess..
During College days...If you don't socialise with students ,no one is going to bother about you...
After joining new Office ---If you don't adapt yourself to office culture(new situation)...then you are finished..!!!!

even if your ethics don't allow you to do so..But sometimes you have to kill your ethics ...follow the "Big-Boss" strategy...
there Situational theory plays it role....I don't know whether it is human tendency or something else...Otherwise we all will become DINOSAURS... :-) :-)


  1. Nice!
    Now I get why u asked me abt the oldest living species..and my answer was "most probably a plant called Gnetum". Good I didnt msg u it would have totally NOT served the purpose..
    Glad to see ur blog alive again!
    I would suggest add some 'aaj kal ka zamana' flavour to it seeing as the cockroach fact has been around forever!

  2. dont change yourself is what everyone says,but it depends on you as to what you understand out of it...not changing doesn't mean rigid, the phrase "just be yourself" and "dont change yourself also signify that whatever situation you face in life,adapt,acclimatize but dont lose your essence!!

    Human beings changed ,acclimatized through out evolution they maintained their essence!! Hum log ki hi baat Le Le!! We evolve, but we dont change our nature!! you would never stop believing in reverse psychology and I would never stop loving reading books!! Your nature might evolve but you wont lose the Kuni touch!! That is what being yourself means!!

  3. hmmmm......kya baat hai ji....
    to SV ---Grrrxxxxx SV thanks u scribbled on my blog atleast...hahaha...old species name.....huh...ill try for the new blog-in new tadka.... :-)

    to sneha..
    but sometimes i feel re ki, we can change ourself...yes we dont lose our essence thru the years...but we do apply situational theory,when we feel that ..sticking to my principle wont get me anywhere..... :-)

  4. Interesting thought flow bro... i'm also with the same philosophy of yours.... DuDoism also talks about changing your self and adapting to the situations. The change is inevitable and you wont even notice it!!!

    I loved reading your blog...

    Keep regular in writing love to come back and read more of these freaking philosophies..


  5. i loved your comment on my blog man!!! :)